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The Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) was officially born in 1933, although in that year the state's schools of jurisprudence, medicine and pharmaceutics, teaching and civil college, were already in operation. Representatives of these institutions submitted a proposal to found a formal university to the Congress of the State of Nuevo Leon; which finally came to be on September 25, 1933. On that date, the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon started its operation having 1,864 students, and a staff of 218 professors.

To this day, the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon is the third largest university of Mexico, and the most important educational public institution –with the largest academic offer–, in the northwestern region of the country. It has seven campuses (University City, Health Sciences, Mederos, Marin, Agricultural Sciences, Sabinas Hidalgo and Linares), thirty seven Research Centers, where hundreds of researchers carry on their studies; and eighty four libraries.

The UANL is a public institution committed to society that embraces the mission of forming bachelors, technicians, graduated and post–graduated professionals able to effectively develop themselves in a world of knowledge. They also possess plain awareness of the regional, national, and worldwide situation; apply university values and principles to their lives, are committed to the economic, scientific, technological, cultural, and sustainable development of mankind; are innovative and competitive; achieve their personal goals and make important contributions to the country's progress in the international context.

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